87621221 CTR48- LCD 2 preset 10-30VDC


48 x 48 Max. Counting Speed 40 KHZ Multicoloured LCD display (green-red) Part number 87621221
Counter, Tachometer, Chronometer, Multi-totalizer, Batch counter, Preselection totalizer
Maximum input frequency 40 k Hz
Simple parameter setting, configuration using text menus
Easy modification of presets
Scaling factor
5 A changeover relay and solid state output
Removable connectors
Backlit LCD display (orange) : 2 lines, 6 digits or multicoloured display (green-red)
IP 65 sealed panel
Option of locking the keypad, completely or partially (preset, programming)
Accessories for 72 x 72 or 55 x 55 cut-out, DIN rail adaptor



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